OFFICIAL SELECTION: Primar(il)y Red Group Art Exhibition

November 30, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I am excited to announce that my photo "New Yorker, NY" is an Official Selection for the 2015 Primar(il)y Red Group Art Exhibition sponsored by Gallery U in Westfield, NJ. The Exhibit explores use of the primary color "red" as an inspiration for a piece of art. There will be an Opening Reception Friday, Dec. 4, 2015, from 6PM - 8PM. All are welcome. Gallery U is located at 439 South Avenue W., Westfield, NJ  07090 (908)232-1895. The Show runs from Dec. 4, 2015 thru January 4, 2016. Gallery U is part of the Universal Institute of Rehab, which services individuals with traumatic brain injuries. The Gallery and Boutique is a vocational training program for people with disabilities to get back into the work force. UI also offers a unique art therapy program and some of the artwork for sale is handcrafted by those clients. Find out more about Gallery U here.

New York City full moonNew Yorker, NY<u>THE STORY BEHIND THE PHOTOS</u><br/> <br/> A lot happening - as always - in the New York City area this summer. From massive thunderstorms followed by breathtaking sunsets to amazing moon-rises above the high-rises to the completion of the new World Trade Center and continued development of Mid-Town Manhattan, there was a lot to photograph this year. And the summer isn't even over yet. There may be more great photos to come...

Primar(il)y RedPrimar(il)y Red