Freeport Arts Council 35th Juried Photography Show - Official Selection

April 23, 2015

I am pleased to announce that my photo, "Winding Brook Farms" is an Official Selection for the Long Island Arts Council at Freeport 35th Annual Juried Photography Show. The Exhibition will run from June 2nd thru June 28, 2015, at the FREEPORT MEMORIAL LIBRARY, located at 144 West Merrick Road, Freeport, NY 11520. Please join us for the Awards Reception to be held June 4th from 7PM-8:30PM.

This photo, which was taken in August 2014, is of the Milky Way Galaxy above an abandoned house in Sussex County, NJ. The Milky Way is visible to the naked eye at certain times of the year. This image was created by using a wide angle lens and long exposure to capture the gas, dust and star formations that make up our Galaxy. We also got lucky: the house was almost completely dark on the side we were shooting. I did bring a flash light to do some "light painting" but during this exposure a car drove by on the road behind us and lit up the house and barn perfectly. How cool is that! Prints are available for sale. If interested, please contact me for more information.


Milky WayWinding Brook Farms