Artists Who Inspire Me: Corinne Cavallo

September 02, 2015

Corinne CavalloCorinneCavallo2 Every now and again I like to feature the work of other artists who inspire me. This month I am featuring the work of photographer Corinne Cavallo. I have been following Corinne's work very closely for the past few years and it's wonderful how her photos continue to impress. She clearly has a dedication to the craft of photography and her passion comes through in every shot. I am especially taken with her equestrian photography. It amazes me how she captures the beauty of these magnificent animals - her photos really bring the moments to life. Corinne Cavallo - you inspire me!

1. Introduce yourself

My name is Corinne Cavallo, and I'm a born and raised Jersey girl.

2. How long have you been doing photography, what got you started

I've been taking pictures since I was 10 years old. My father was an internationally published African wildlife photographer, and during my first trip to Africa he put a camera in my hand and let me take pictures. I loved the idea of telling the story of my adventure there through pictures. However, it wasn't until 5 years ago, and a visit to Monmouth Park racetrack, that my world and direction with photography changed. I really owe it to my boyfriend, Mikal, who suggested I bring my camera that day. That started my love of photographing racehorses, and I haven't looked back since.

3. What's the inspiration for the equestrian photography

Growing up, I was completely obsessed with horses. My neighbor's daughter had one, and she took me to visit him. The moment she put me on his back, I was hooked. Ironically, my last name, Cavallo, means 'horse' in Italian, so I suppose it was only a matter of time before my photography took me deep into the equestrian world.

My inspiration comes straight from these beautiful animals, whether I'm photographing them on a farm, at a horse show, or at a racetrack. They are beautiful and powerful, and there's an excitement that comes from working with them, and communicating with them through the lens of my camera. Recently, Monmouth Park had American Pharoah visit. They opened up morning workouts to the public, so I was able to get some shots of several Haskell contenders, including Pharoah. Seeing that horse work in the morning light was absolutely breathtaking. I believe that my passion for working with these animals comes through in my photos.

4. What's ahead for you as a photographer.

The ultimate goal for me as a photographer would be to get more freelance work photographing racehorses for various publications, however, I'm still working on growing my business with equine/farm life/equestrian shots, too. But, while I'm known for my work with horses, I still love photographing bands, as well. Last summer I had the opportunity to photograph Queen with Adam Lambert at MSG, and I've worked with the tribute band, Almost Queen, for many, many years now. This year I've photographed The Alternate Routes (one of my favorite bands), and my friend, Remember Jones's epic tribute to Joe Cocker where he, with special guests and a 20+ piece band, performed Mad Dogs and Englishmen to a sold out theatre. I also frequently photograph the NYC artist, Kiirstin Marilyn. Ideally, I'd love to continue do more freelance work with musicians in the near future. ​

You can view all Corinne’s amazing photos:

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