Artists Who Inspire Me: David Jacobson

July 24, 2017

Every now and again, I like to feature the work of another Artist whose creativity inspires me. This month, I am pleased to showcase the work of David Jacobson. David is a personal friend and master glassblower based in Monteville, Maine.

From David’s website:

David Jacobson makes hand-blown and kiln-formed glass utilizing contemporary designs based in the Venetian tradition.  Jacobson makes brightly colored functional objects, such as bowls, glasses, vases and platters, and also sculptural objects.

"I employ contemporary colors with classical forms to create a unique expression in each piece. Texture and vibrant color combinations are vital; my pieces are meant to be touched and explored as well as viewed. For me, making glass is an honor.”

Born and raised in New York, Jacobson graduated from the University of Minnesota, where he first studied glassblowing. He has since studied with Lino Tagliapietra, Elio Quarisa,  Jiri Harcuba,  Davide Salvadore as well as other leading glass artists.  His work may be found in major collections, galleries, and shops around the country."

My interview with my friend:

1. Please introduce yourself

I was born and raised in White Plains, New York, a suburb of New York City. I have always been artistic, drawing and sketching and getting in trouble with it all throughout school. Fortunately, I was able to transform that doodling into a career as a professional cartoonist, freelancing as well as on staff for 18 years with a Gannett newspaper in White Plains.

2. How long have you been doing glass blowing and what got you started?

I first saw glassblowing my freshman year of college, and I knew that that was what I really wanted to do. So, I graduated from U of Minnesota in 1977 with a B.A. in glass, promptly quit, and began my cartooning career. I resumed in 1994, while working at the paper.  I would drive to Brooklyn, NY after work and on weekends to rent time in a public-access studio called Urban Glass.  I took classes there, as well as at the Corning Museum of Glass. I’ve been glassblowing ever since.

3. Who or what inspires your art?

I’ve been inspired by all sorts of glass artists, and mainly Italian glass.  It is beautifully intricate, finely crafted, well designed and never-ending in its ability to amaze me. I’m also inspired by textiles, animal markings,  and nature. I love my glass to have texture to it, as well as being pleasing to view.

4. What's ahead for you as an artist?

I have recently started carving glass to make sculptures, having learned this technique at The Corning Museum of Glass this past January. I am continuing that study this summer in Prague, where I will take a week-long class in this whole other way of working, called cold-working. It is not with blown glass but with large masses of glass that have already been cooled down. I am really excited about the possibilities.

5. How can people get in touch with you?

Please visit my website or you can reach me by phone 914 715 6848 or email

In addition to being a master glassblower, David teaches glassblowing and runs a small B&B in his home adjacent to his studio for people who like an extended experience. He welcomes individuals and corporate clients and can accommodate up to six people at a time in his glass studio. Please check out his website to get more information and to book a visit. Also please “Like” his Facebook page:

David Jacobson: YOU INSPIRE ME!

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